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Adri's Legacy Foundation honors the life and legacy of Adrianna Duffy.  The foundation provides support to kids who are determined to obtain a better education and yet face financial obstacles in their pursuit of higher learning.  For more information about Adri's Legacy Foundation Scholarships, please visit the Scholarships page.

Who is Adri?

Adri was a member of the class of 2009 at Concord Academy (Concord, MA) and then went on to further her education at Trinity College (Hartford, CT). As a high school student, Adrianna was the head of Umoja, an African-American affinity group, and she was also an avid lacrosse and field hockey player who was elected by her peers to be captain of the lacrosse team in her senior year.  Adri believed in giving back and as a reflection of this belief, she was a Habitat for Humanity volunteer and participated in a group who traveled to Mississippi to help rebuild homes after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Wherever she went, Adrianna became a lasting and memorable member of her community.  Her ability to become a distinct and important part of many diverse communities was astounding and she left a lasting and positive mark on many of those communities in which she lived, studied and worked ranging from the Boys and Girls Clubs to MetroLacrosse, A Better Chance and Concord Academy, to name a few. Throughout Adrianna's academic career, she was a highly motivated student and expressed her passion for education and equality of access to education for all young people.  In her determination to pursue a better education for herself by attending Concord Academy and Trinity College, she also remembered to give back and to share her skill and love of lacrosse by taking time during vacations and summer breaks to be a teacher, role model and leader for younger kids involved in MetroLacrosse programs. Adrianna's intelligence, humor, loving personality and flair for fashion made her not only the life of the party, but also one to always leave you with food for thought.  She was a trendsetter, a go-getter, and an angel to us all.  Her positive energy and legacy of perseverance despite experiencing many of life's challenges is why she is so admired and remembered by all who knew and loved her.

To contact Adri's Legacy Foundation, please email us or visit our Facebook page, Adri's Legacy.
If you know Adrianna personally, you can request to join: Missing Adrianna Shakyla Duffy <3.
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